Monday, 19 June 2017

P3/4S Samba drumming in music.

P3/4S performed their Samba arrangements last week. Watch for the solos!

P3/4S in The St. Magnus Parade.

Here are some photos of P3/4S in The St. Magnus Parade. We had such good fun, and it even stayed dry!! 

"I thought the firework thing at the end was really awesome." - Kaylee

"The giant was a bit scary but I enjoyed the dancing." - Eva

"It was really good when we did the conga." - Florah

"I thought the whole parade was really cool, even though the giant was a little bit scary." - Grace R

"They had put a lot of work into the giant because it would have taken a long time to build it. I liked it. The motor thing was cool." - George

"The giant St. Magnus looked like he had roller skates on." - Saran

"I thought the giant was cool." - Martin

"The whole parade was really really cool." - Tanya

"The whole parade was lit." - Connor

"I thought the big giant was really funny when he had to wait for everybody." - Innes

"It was fun." - Rakell

Here are some videos of us at the end of the parade...

Friday, 16 June 2017

P3/4S prepare for the St. Magnus Parade...

We had two lovely visitors from Emergency Exit Arts - Tash and Manuel, who took us through some choreography steps for our parade, and helped us create our own routines, too.

Previously we had made our own flags and headbands for the parade. Here we are practising with our flags

Then we went back to the classroom to create our own 'gift' which will be presented tomorrow at the parade. As our theme was miracles, we created our own feathers with our own wishes on the back. 

The parade will start tomorrow at the cathedral at 8.30, where we will walk with some other schools down to the pier as part of the Magnus 900 celebrations. Feel free to come and see us! 

Catherine Johnson has been teaching 4E how to putt.

 It's tricky but fun!

Mrs Linklater has been teaching 4E the story of Magnus and how to resolve conflict through drama

P4E had a fantastic visit to the Fossil and Heritage Centre at Burray followed by slightly soggy fun at the Burray Playpark.

Despite the weather we all had a great day out.