Monday, 19 June 2017

P3/4S in The St. Magnus Parade.

Here are some photos of P3/4S in The St. Magnus Parade. We had such good fun, and it even stayed dry!! 

"I thought the firework thing at the end was really awesome." - Kaylee

"The giant was a bit scary but I enjoyed the dancing." - Eva

"It was really good when we did the conga." - Florah

"I thought the whole parade was really cool, even though the giant was a little bit scary." - Grace R

"They had put a lot of work into the giant because it would have taken a long time to build it. I liked it. The motor thing was cool." - George

"The giant St. Magnus looked like he had roller skates on." - Saran

"I thought the giant was cool." - Martin

"The whole parade was really really cool." - Tanya

"The whole parade was lit." - Connor

"I thought the big giant was really funny when he had to wait for everybody." - Innes

"It was fun." - Rakell

Here are some videos of us at the end of the parade...

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